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Melyssa Ford Is No Skanky Ho!

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

melyssa ford butt

Melyssa Ford is such foxy sexual animal, but a skanky ho she is not! Music video director Little X  discovered her while she was working as a bartender  at a Toronto nightclub and helped launch her modeling career.  This hot chocolate piece of ass has appeared in music videos, men’s magazines, television programs and films.  The smoldering shorty was an on-air personality for Sirius Satellite Radio’s Hot Jamz  channel.  This brown-skinned vixen also sells a line of calendars and DVDs.

melyssa ford bikini

In a CNN interview, this yummy sex-kitten said that when making music videos she often asked herself whether she was “perpetuating a negative stereotype” about black women. When she was asked whether music videos, overall, are “demeaning to women”, the smoking hot stunner replied, “Yes, I definitely have to say that.”

melyssa ford topless

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Hot pictures of Melyssa Ford’s plump ass

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Having to be blessed with one curvaceous and sexy figure doesn’t come that often and we can truly say Melyssa Ford is one of those few individuals who had been given such a voluptuous body that has made women around the world creaming with envy. It’s a good thing that Melyssa decided to enter the glitzy world of R&B and Hip-Hop and made use of that hot and sexy body for us guys to watch and enjoy. I have come across several of Melyssa’s steamy photos where she is seen doing all of those provocative poses while wearing a super skimpy bikini and the only thing that stood out from those images was her big, round ass that is really something… And so I decided to look for more of her images with that fine ass protruding in all of its glory and so here it is guys!

Just staring at those luscious pair of chocolate buns makes you want to sink your teeth right through them but nonetheless, Melyssa is one fiery black babe to reckon with. So check out the entire collection by visiting Melyssa Ford Nude today.